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เครื่องวัดความหนาสี, เครื่องวัดความหนาชั้นเคลือบ

(Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Tester F/NF Probes 0-1300um)

(Model: GY-910)

ราคาพิเศษ 5,650 บาท


บริษัท เอ็นที อินโนเวชั่น จำกัด Tel. 02-8874664, 02-8870676 , Fax. 02-4960013

คุณเก๋: 087-9001168

คุณนัน Tel. 08-3434-7777 , 08-2520-2520

E-mail: ntinnovation@gmail.com


  • Ideal for manufacturers and their customers, offices and specialist advisers, paint shops and electroplaters,

chemical, automobile, ship building and aircraft industries, heavy engineering.

  • Suitable for laboratory, workshop and outdoor use

  • It works either on the magnetic induction principle or on the eddy current principle, depending on the type

of probe used

  • This gauge has internal Fe probe and NFe probe (Fe probe can be used for non-magnetic coatings and

NFe probe can be used for insulating coatings)

  • Digital LCD display

  • Zero calibration

  • Comes with iron base and non-iron (aluminunm) base

  • Portable, user friendly and easy to carry even in pocket

  • Low battery indication

  • Without any operation, the instrument will shut down automatically within about 5 minutes


  • 100% brand new & high quality

  • Measuring Range: 0-1300um/0-51.2mil

  • Resolution: 1um

  • Unit: um, mil, mm

  • Calibration: Zero calibration, multi-points calibration

  • Power Supply: 2pcs x 1.5V AAA batteries 

  • Auto Power off time: No actions in 1 min if leave the measured object

  • Min thickness of base plate: Fe: 0.5mm; NFe: 0.3mm

  • Material: ABS, silica gel

  • Dimensions: approx. 117 x 30 x 22.5mm

Operating Environment:

  • Temperature: 0-40℃ (32-103℉)

  • Humidity: 20%-90%RH; no strong magnetic field

Storage Environment:

  • Temperature: -20-70℃ (32-158℉)

Package Included:

  • 1pc x Coating Thickness Gauge

  • 1pc x Iron Base Material Plate

  • 1pc x Aluminum Base Material Plate

  • 1set x Calibration Film (50um, 100um, 250um, 500um, 1,000um)

  • 1pc x Hand Rope

  • 1pc x Manual


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