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เครื่องฟอกอากาศ เครื่องผลิตโอโซน ฆ่าเชื้อโรค 500 มก/ช.ม.

(Ozone Generator Air Purifier)

(Model: 500CT-12)

ราคาพิเศษ 10,000 บาท


บริษัท เอ็นที อินโนเวชั่น จำกัด Tel. 02-8874664, 02-8870676 , Fax. 02-4960013

คุณเก๋: 087-9001168

คุณฝน Tel. 086-7959168

E-mail: ntinnovation@gmail.com


Model Name: 500CT-12
Ozone Output: 500mg/hr
Fan Output: 52CFM
Voltage:DC12V ( AC110-240V to DC12V power adaptor included )
Power Consumption:< 20W
Size: 150mmX190mmX83mm

Include Timers:

7 24-hour cycle modes: 5min; 10min; 30min; 1hr; 2hr; 4hr; 8hr. repeats every 24 hours

3 1-hour cycle modes:
High: 45min ON 15min OFF. repeats every hour
Normal: 30min ON 30min OFF. repeats every hour
Low: 15min ON 45min OFF. repeats every hour

CE marked


1. Slim design; can be hanged on walls.
2. Push button on the body for manual operation.
3. Easy to change ozone tube by hands, no tools required
4. Low power consumption (<20W).
5. Suitable for both daily air purifying and unoccupied ozone shock treatment.
6. Neutralizes stale and foul odors rapidly.




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