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(NSK dental low speed latch handpiece kit+2x high speed push handpiece 2-Hole)

(Model: 180112 KIT PANA MAX 2 Holes)

ราคาพิเศษ 7,500 บาท


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 NSK Dental Slow Low Handpiece Kit Straight Nose Cone + Contra Angle + Air Motor 2H


NSK Style PANA Air Dentist Dental Fast High Speed Handpiece Standard Push Button Single Spray 2 Holes

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- High speed handpiece push button 2 holes: 2 each
- E-type air motor Midwest 2-Hole: 1 each
- Straight nose cone: 1 each
- Contra Angle handpiece: 1 each
- Water spray nozzle: 1 each
- Oil spray nozzle: 1 each
- CAP Spanner: 1 each

Features about low speed handpiece:

- E-type connector
- Wrench type
- Precise technology, Steady, no vibration while revolving, offering a steady operation.
- Suitable for any E-type handpiece accords with ISO standard
- 135°C Autoclavable, suitable for both steam and chemical autoclave

Features about high speed handpiece:

  • NSK style Pana Air high speed handpiece

  • 2-hole standard push button handpiece

  • Single water spray

  • Chucking power of chucking needle is 20N-45N.

  • It is noise-free and stable.

  • Applicable Bur: 1.6mm and should be conformed to ISO standard.

  • Idling speed of handpiece should be no less than 370,000 rotations under working air pressure of 25-30 pressure atmosphere.

  • Special for operations such as clamping high-speed dentistry machine needle to drill and grind teeth in department of stomatology, it is more professional.


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