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(Industrial Belt Tension Tester Gauge Tensioner Tool Instrument Mechanical)

(Model: AWI)

ราคาพิเศษ 4,500 บาท

An industrial belt tension tester capable of measuring force from 0-35 lbs (0-15.9 Kg.), and belt tension from 0-560 lbs (0-255 Kg.), on belts to 1" in width.

Recommended for use on 3V-3VX, 5V-5VX and those 8V belts which have force ranges below 35 lbs. Additionally, can handle A,B,C, and all other sigle strand belts within the preceeding force ranges.

Uses the universally accepted method of determining belt tension by depressing the belt 1/64 of an inch per inch of span. This results in an "F" over "T" ratio of 1 to 16. The maximum tension capability of this instrument, therefore, is 16 times 35, or 560 lbs.

  1. Measure the length of span between sheave tangent points.
  2. Set the bottom of the large o-ring at the correct point (on "50" if it is a 50 inch span) and set the top (small o-ring) down against the instrument's flange.
  3. Depress the instrument downward at the center of the span until the large o-ring at the base of the instrument is in line with the tangent point of the drive. (This may be accomplished with a straight-edge, or a neighboring belt in a multiple belt drive.)

  4. Read the number of pounds of force indicated by the small o-ring on the plunger rod and multiply by 16 to determine belt tension.

  5. NOTE: Many belt manufacturers will specify the recommended plunger reading (in lbs. or kg.) for a specific application. In such cases, always follow the belt manufacturers' recommendation.

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